I was reading through some of the posts here and there seems to be something amiss about the coedc needed to get vid and audio on the clips recorded with the CVS camera.

The codecs are in XviD format, default at 320x240 with a 30fps frame rate with the audio channel being in mpga (mp3?) format, mono at a 16kHz sample rate, 32kb/s.

Personally I use VLC which is a free media player that can be downloaded from www.videolan.org There are also linux and I believe a Mac OS verison is included as well. The main reason for this recommendation is that VLC contains just about every codec known to man and also includes features to transcode the playing video to another format (like AVI or MPEG-4) so it's usefulness extends beyond the scope of just a viewer for the camera's movies.

My camera experience did not go right the first time, primarily because I ended up with the 53.18 firmware and got a 17 challenge. Upon recommendation from others on this site, I got an older cam, (model 200 with firmware 23.84, PCB B3), added the USB cable and used the camerakit020 with OPS and the included driver. Burningman did an excellent job of giving me the required response and I was up and running in about an hour.

The completed hack did not come without it's trials. Using the m230 and not knowing that there was no solution to the 17 challenge, I ended up nuking the camera trying to extract the firmware from the flash.

All in all, this was an easy mod, the hardest part was that the software didn't work the first go round, not that it was the software's fault that I encountered a new challenge.

So, kudos to everyone that gave me advise on the 53.18 firmware and the new challenge, nicknaggriff, BillW, ZAC and SaturnNiGHTS.