I always wanted to connect my iPod through my car stereo. But, Pioneer only had a $100 IP-BUS box that did what I wanted. I have (well, had ) and iTrip and was never satisfied because of horrible static. Google brought up this page, and I decided to tweak it a little. First I cut up my Firewire cable. I wanted to supply the 12v from the car right into the Firewire power. The spec for Firewire is 8 to 30v, so that works nicely. The only thing else I had to do is solder the Audio (R, L, Ground) on. This was horrible. Apple decided to trim up all of the pins they didn't use so my contacts were even smaller. I learned that hot glue is your friend to hold stuff.

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This took me about 5 hours over the course of 3 days to solder them on, test them, and make them stay on. The other end was easy. Using the pinouts from the above link and grabbing some MB connectors from my cadaver computer, I was almost done. One of the holes on the connectors had to be opened up by a 1/16th hole.

Now I have a an direct connection to my iPod. I also have $100 still in my pocket, I didn't have to buy anything at all! The nice thing is I can control my music from my iPod, whereas I think it would be kinda clunky to go through all of those menus on my HU. There is barely any static at all when I turn the volume to max (of course with nothing playing).